About us

Counterpoint Consulting was established in 2015. We work in the health and social services field to assist government agencies and non-government organisations through:

  • Monitoring and evaluation of programs
  • Strategy and policy development and review
  • Service review

Our principal consultant, Karen Edwards has a long background in health and social service delivery in NSW. Karen has a particular interest in primary health care and models of service delivery that address social justice and equity for disadvantaged populations.

We take a strengths-based and collaborative approach to our work, seeking always to deliver solutions that work for our clients and improve outcomes for their stakeholders. Both singly and with our network of associates we work hard to achieve best outcomes for our clients.

Our services

Monitoring and evaluation

The right time to build a monitoring and evaluation framework is at the point of program design. Counterpoint takes a mixed methods approach to evaluation and monitoring. We work collaboratively with you and your stakeholders to build a monitoring and evaluation framework based on a program logic with key evaluation questions and identification of data requirements.

Wanting to evaluate a program midway through or at completion? That’s OK we can do that too, using the data you have available and collecting new qualitative data to draw conclusions and make recommendations based on the program processes and outcomes.

Working singly or with associates, we have evaluated national, state and local programs, for government and non-government clients.

Strategy and policy

Counterpoint can work with you to review existing policies and strategies or to develop new strategic plans. We take a co-design approach to strategy development which includes a scan of current evidence and practice, consultation with your stakeholders and an iterative approach to developing draft and final strategic plans.

We have developed strategic plans and models of practice for government and non-government healthcare organisations.

Service review

Counterpoint can undertake an independent review of the governance or structure of a service. This is especially useful if you have identified issues with a service or are considering changing a service. We work closely with you and your stakeholders to identify service strengths and areas for development, and possible options to maximise strengths and address service challenges.

Our service reviews have included reviews of services within government healthcare providers and non-government agencies.

Our associates

Counterpoint works with a small number of associate individuals and companies to build teams that can deliver the best possible outcomes for our clients. Each of the associates described here has worked with Counterpoint on one or more projects, and each associate has expertise that is complementary to Counterpoint. Please feel free to contact these associates directly through their links below.

Julia Lessing

Guardian Actuarial

Julia Lessing established Guardian Actuarial to provide specialist analysis to support and inform planning and delivery of human services. Julia is a qualified actuary (FIAA) with fifteen years’ consulting experience. She specialises in analysis and modelling, and is skilled in managing large projects with multiple stakeholders and tight deadlines.

Karen and Julia have worked together on developing monitoring and performance frameworks in relation to child protection in two states. Working collaboratively with clients and combining a quantitative and qualitative approach to developing indicators and measures has helped deliver comprehensive frameworks that include the perspective of families and service partners, as well as the client agencies themselves.

Chris Nightingale

Chris Nightingale Consulting

Chris Nightingale Consulting is a small and agile consulting business that specialises in working with its clients to develop the building blocks they need for future success. It has a strong interest in how governments, businesses, communities and individuals can best interact to harness the opportunities of the future and tackle their associated challenges.

Chris has 20 years' experience working with government, private sector and not-for-profit clients (in Australia and overseas) on a range of strategic and operational challenges that best position them for future success. He is an experienced strategic thinker and project manager who works closely with his clients to help them make informed and carefully tailored business decisions.

Karen and Chris have worked together on multiple projects focusing on the design and governance arrangements for organisations in the health sector. They have worked closely with their clients and their stakeholders to identify opportunities for improvement and design tailored implementation plans to help them realise their objectives.

Gary Champion

HBA Consulting PL

Gary purchased HBA Consulting from the founder, Des Heaney, in 2009. The company has been providing specialist Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations advice and assistance to clients in the Federal, State and Local Government sectors, as well a wide range of private and ‘not for profit’ organisations. Prior to purchasing HBA Consulting, Gary held senior management positions in the Federal and ACT public sectors, and spent 4 years working with a ‘Big 4’ international consulting firm focusing on public sector reform and change management.

Karen and Gary have worked together on a number of assignment including the development of NDIS workforce management tools for employers and a review of the structure and functions of a jurisdictional Public Health Branch. The work that Karen and Gary typically collaborate on involves a combination of health sector subject matter expertise and structural and functional analysis to identify performance improvement opportunities.

Tricia Linehan

Benchline Consulting

Tricia Linehan established Benchline consulting to assist organisations with quantifying, measuring and reporting the outcomes achieved by their organisation and the design and implementation of improvements to their programs and services. Tricia has over 30 years of experience in health and human services at both Commonwealth and State level, including senior management and clinical positions, with over 10 years as a consultant, including several years with a global consulting firm. Tricia has successfully engaged with diverse stakeholder groups to influence program and system change and improvements.

Karen and Tricia have worked together on program design, development, review and evaluations for NGO’s, the Commonwealth, State and local providers of health and human services. This work has included consultations across Australia with both providers and consumers of services. Their work focuses on understanding clients’ needs for data and information to inform program performance, policy development and service improvement.

Riley Post

Riley has operated as a sole trader since 2010. He specialises in digital art and design, videography and design education. His clients and collaborators include artists, museums and galleries in the Canberra region. His design approach is human-centred, and aims to make visual communication responsive and accessible without sacrificing style.

Riley has provided web and print design, and technical assistance to Counterpoint since its inception.

Get in touch

Karen Edwards is our principal consultant. She is highly experienced, with a background in health service delivery in NSW. Her experience as a consultant has included development of strategy and policy, evaluation of programs and review of service systems in the health and social welfare fields. Karen has a particular interest in primary health care and models of service delivery that address social justice and equity for disadvantaged populations.

If you are interested in working with us, get in touch with her at:

Or give her a call on: 0401 863 805

We look forward to hearing from you!